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Robynne Friedman

Surrogacy and Fertility Law Attorney

Robynne Friedman Attorneys is dedicated to assisting single, gay and heterosexual intended parents in the area of surrogacy and fertility law. Whether you are trying to start a family, or increase your existing family, Robynne Friedman Attorneys will work with you and provide the personal guidance and support you need, as you navigate the often confusing and complex areas of surrogacy.

Robynne Friedman Attorneys works throughout the Republic of South Africa and has successfully completed several hundred surrogacy High Court applications.

Robynne Friedman Attorneys will guide you through the entire surrogacy process seamlessly and in a manner that removes as much risk as possible for you. Our surrogate motherhood agreements are based on Robynne’s many years of hands on experience.

The cold legalities of surrogacy law are transformed into a personal experience where our firm offers legal advice and support based on PERSONAL experience. Robynne Friedman is not just a “lawyer” she has walked the long, difficult path of infertility and surrogacy with a fierce determination that resulted in SUCCESS!

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The first step is to set up a consultation with us, either in person or via Skype. This consultation will provide you with information, support and guidance on the entire surrogacy process. We will refer you onto all medical, psychological and other ethical experts with experience in the field of surrogacy. We will manage the entire legal process from beginning to end.

We are here to support and guide you, to avoid costly mistakes and minimise your risks as far as possible.

If you are ready to start the journey to parenthood with us please complete our application form below.

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A surrogate mother in South Africa may only volunteer her assistance for altruistic reasons. Robynne Friedman Attorney’s will ensure that all your rights as a surrogate mother are legally protected. Our team will provide continuous guidance and support, to ensure that all of your fears surrounding the surrogacy process are alleviated.

Should you wish to become a surrogate angel and bless intended parents with the gift of a child, please complete our surrogate mother form below.

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“I highly recommend Robynne’s services. From making an initial enquiry through to realising my dream as a parent, I found that Robynne was with me throughout what can be a draining process. I found her wealth of experience invaluable in helping me navigate the intricacies of surrogacy.”


“We’ve worked with Robynne and her team over the past couple of years over two surro journeys. Her knowledge and expertise concerning the South African surrogacy process and contacts within the industry were invaluable! We were matched with the most amazing surrogate via Robynne. Throughout the ups and downs, of which we had many, Robynne was always there to assist at the end of the telephone. Thank you Robynne and team for all your hard work! Our little person is just perfect!”


“This was not the plan I had for my life. But sometimes you need to let go of pre-conceived plans and embrace your actual path. This was a massive realisation for me, which came about after going through life-changing surgery- forcing me to reevaluate what is actually important in life. It was such an overwhelmingly daunting notion to be a father (a single father!), but those fears where immediately eased after my first Skype call with Robynne. I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders as she spoke through the entire process and I realised this could actually become a reality. I needed a lot of hand-holding as I didn’t have a clue what it entailed, but everything was handled by the team professionally and sensitively and the ball was set in motion. As we speak, my surrogate is pregnant and before long I will be a father. It is an equally scary and joyous thought and I am forever grateful for Robynne and her team who are in the business of making miracles happen.”


“We approached Robynne in September 2018 to assist us with the surrogacy process. The staff were friendly and always willing to assist us with all our questions and concerns regarding the process.

Robynne knew the process and what it entailed so well, with details of what we can expect. She took a large amount of pressure off our backs as she assisted with the process from beginning to end. Literally a one stop shop for us, and connecting all the dots.  

We were kept up to date with the progress of our application. Without the staff of Robynne Surrogacy Attorney, we would not have had the peace of mind that our case was receiving the attention that it did.”