“This was not the plan I had for my life. But sometimes you need to let go of pre-conceived plans and embrace your actual path. This was a massive realisation for me, which came about after going through life-changing surgery- forcing me to reevaluate what is actually important in life. It was such an overwhelmingly daunting notion to be a father (a single father!), but those fears where immediately eased after my first Skype call with Robynne. I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders as she spoke through the entire process and I realised this could actually become a reality. I needed a lot of hand-holding as I didn’t have a clue what it entailed, but everything was handled by the team professionally and sensitively and the ball was set in motion. As we speak, my surrogate is pregnant and before long I will be a father. It is an equally scary and joyous thought and I am forever grateful for Robynne and her team who are in the business of making miracles happen.”


“We approached Robynne in September 2018 to assist us with the surrogacy process.

The staff were friendly and always willing to assist us with all our questions and concerns regarding the process.

Robynne knew the process and what it entailed so well, with details of what we can expect. She took a large amount of pressure off our backs as she assisted with the process from beginning to end. Literally a one stop shop for us, and connecting all the dots.

We were kept up to date with the progress of our application.

Without the staff of Robynne Friedman Attorneys, we would not have had the peace of mind that our case was receiving the attention that it did.”


“When I was first referred to Robynne I was very naive as to how the surrogacy process worked and with that came a lot of apprehension. I was also fairly despondent due to some brutal IVF cycles that I had been through. So I was a very ‘tough crowd’ for our first meeting!

As soon as Robynne sat down she radiated calmness and immediately I felt my anxiety subside, which due to its high level at that point was no easy feat! Robynne walked me through the surrogacy process, step by step. And believe me it was a long ‘walk’. It made me realise that surrogacy was a complicated and very legally stringent alternative and that if you didnt have a very competent expert guiding you through it, it could easily be unsuccessful.

At that point I could have been totally daunted but after some careful thought, and with the reassuring presence of Robynne and her colleagues by my side, I decided to go ahead.

I have managed some extremely detailed projects in my work career, but this was on another level as there was obviously an emotional component in the background. Robynne and her team were absolutely fantastic – they were masters at multi- tasking and manging the process so that it could be done correctly, but also timeously. They were always at the other end of the line or an email ready and willing to answer my questions, of which there were many! At no point did I ever feel alone or lost – they were my guiding light both emotionally and procedurally.

Robynne has found me both of my surrogates for my children, and feedback from my surrogates was that if it weren’t for Robynne and her hands on team, they probably would not have followed through. For that I will be forever grateful.

Robynne is a pioneer in her field and someone who leads you with reassurance and kindness. A great trait of hers is that no matter how difficult it may be to hear, she will always tell you the truth. In a (fertility) world full of uncertainties, this meant the world to me.

It was Robynne who picked me up when I had hit rock bottom, and her perseverance when I didn’t have the strength led to me welcoming twins into my life. If it weren’t for Robynne, I would have surely given up. To say I am grateful is the understatement of the decade!

To anyone looking to engage Robynne and her team’s services, I can not recommend them highly enough. Consummate professionals with the added bonus of compassion, empathy and tact. These combined qualities are very rare and I feel privileged to have experienced them.

Thank you Robynne and team – there is a place for all of you among the Angels, xx”

Jo Anne

“In describing the work that Robynne does, can be summed up for me as ‘Nothing is impossible’.
They have managed to support, lead, guide and deliver a decisive decision that enables the start of the journey to parenthood.
We now have 2 beautiful children who have truly enriched our lives beyond words. I now know what love truly is.”


“My partner and I are a gay male couple and it has been a dream of ours to start a family. I was referred by a friend to Robynne Friedman Attorneys to assist us through the legal process. A lot of couples that we have spoken to explained that the legal process could take anything between 6 months to a year. 

We met with Robynne for our initial consultation and from the very 1st meeting we both felt assurance that if anyone could get this done, it would be Robynne and her team… and boy did they live up to their promises. We were fortunate enough to have found our own surrogate at the end of July 2018, we contacted Shannon to tell her the great news, by the end of November 2018 we had a High Court Agreement in place… a mind blowing 4 months from start to finish!!! 

The reality is surrogacy is not affordable for many couples but every cent we paid for the services of Robynne Friedman Attorneys has been worth it. Shannon’s professionalism, friendliness and efficiency is the reason that we will be parents in a few months time. This truly amazing dream would not have been possible without Robynne and Shannon and we are truly thankful to them for making this a reality. They have positively changed our lives in a way no one that hasn’t been through this would understand.

I would wholeheartedly refer anyone thinking about going through the surrogacy process to Robynne Friedman Attorneys. We are just 1 of the many families they have created through their passion and love for what they do.”


“What an amazing journey it has been so far with Robynne and her team. We have been working with them for almost 3 years, where they gave advice and guided us every step of the way. They have become such a big part of our journey, where they don’t stop at the legal matters, but really are invested from beginning to end. We have built great relationships with the team, and would definitely recommend them to walk the journey with you.”


“Our journey with Robynne started 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

We were completely overwhelmed as we didn’t know where to begin. With just one call our lives had changed forever. Robynne held my hand on a road that I never in my wildest dreams thought I could endure. It was filled with pain, happiness, sadness, love & loss. Throughout the process we had the most professional and emotional support that a person could wish for. Robynne advised us on the surrogacy procedure and so much more. In February 2016 our application was approved by the High Court.

We are eternally grateful for everything that was done for us. If it wasn’t for Robynne I truly believe that today we wouldn’t be blessed with the family we have (our twin girls born on the 23.11.2016) as we would’ve given up.”


“I cannot recommend Robynne and her team highly enough! They made a very emotionally trying process for me and my husband completely manageable and surprisingly easy! They are really approachable and responsive, and because they understand the emotions associated with this for us, they knew exactly how to “handle” us. You will never regret signing up with Robynne and her team, they are the absolute best in the country at what they do!”


“Using a surrogate was never how we saw ourselves having a baby, it hadn’t even occurred to either of us when we visualised our future so when the time came to look at the option we were confused and unprepared. Robynne and Shannon honestly made the entire process into something that was more like a journey with friends than a legal process. Not once did we feel pressurised, rushed or part of a conveyor belt of potential parents, the whole time they stayed in touch and kept us up to date but they were also as invested as we were and once the legal side of things was over they still stayed in touch because they actually cared what was going on with us and our surrogate. I can say now that I would never have come this far without them making something that seemed like such a mountain, doable. I would and I often do recommend Robynne Friedman Attorneys to anyone embarking on this emotional journey, they make the legal side of things painless and the emotional side less overwhelming.”


“I highly recommend Robynne’s services. From making an initial enquiry through to realising my dream as a parent, I found that Robynne was with me throughout what can be a draining process. I found her wealth of experience invaluable in helping me navigate the intricacies of surrogacy.”


“We’ve worked with Robynne and her team over the past couple of years over two surro journeys. Her knowledge and expertise concerning the South African surrogacy process and contacts within the industry were invaluable! We were matched with the most amazing surrogate via Robynne. Throughout the ups and downs, of which we had many, Robynne was always there to assist at the end of the telephone. Thank you Robynne and team for all your hard work! Our little person is just perfect!”


“What a journey it has been! Robynne helped us from day one and stood by our side the whole process. There was never a question she refused to answer or assist in. Both Robynne and her team really put in the extra effort to ensure our surrogacy ran smoothly. We can’t thank the whole team enough. We know that they are always a phone call away should we ever need them once again and we hope that others too can experience the kindness and knowledge that they shared with us.”